Sons über Deutschlands Ringen um eine ausgewogene Politik gegenüber den Golfstaaten

Das Thema dieses Buches ist längst überfällig. Es behandelt die vielschichtigen Beziehungen zwischen den Golfkooperationsrat-Staaten (GCC) und Deutschland und hebt die Bedeutung von wirtschaftlichen Bindungen hervor. Leider herrscht nach jahrzehntelangen Beziehungen...

How Saudi Football Created A Sense of Community Across Generations

Ambassador of Euro 2024 and German Football legend Philip Lahm, who was once described by Spanish coach Pep Guardiola as "perhaps the most intelligent player’’ he had coached, wrote an article in The Guardian this week explaining why Saudi Arabia should not host the...

Metallica will play in Riyadh in 2023 – in 2013 they would have got arrested for it

On 27 November 2023 the hard rock band Metallica made a surprise announcement on their website: “We’re not done with 2023 just yet, as an amazing opportunity has just come our way to perform at a major festival that we have never played in a part of the world we...

Change Narrative on Saudi Women

  This week, I listened to a podcast by NZZ - Neue Zürcher Zeitung, a premier Swiss news source, titled "Infantionos WM in Saudi Arabien."   The podcast, delivered in German,...

Understanding Saudi Law is made easier

Until now, there were significant challenges in understanding how Islamic Law (Sharia) is applied in Saudi Arabia. One main issue was the tendency to interpret the law out of context or ignore relevant circumstances, leading to blind adherence without considering the specific situation. This is changing.

Facets of Saudi Arabia

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