Saudi Film Industry on Cannes’ Red Carpet

Saudi Arabia’s presence at this year’s Cannes Festival has been remarkable, with well-known actresses and influencers from the Kingdom gracing the red carpet. This is a significant step signalling expansion of the country’s involvement in the industry, including film production.

Women moving forward in the Gulf

I came across this article by Sinem Cengiz, on the journey of Gulf women in breaking into traditionally male-dominated sectors unfolds. From gradual progress to persistent challenges, she explores the current landscape, shedding light on the crucial role played by government initiatives in promoting their successful inclusion.

A science initiative for the next generation

A new center for science and technology called ‘ilmi’ will be launched in Saudi Arabia to encourage scientific curiosity among youth as well as develop their skills, Saudi Press Agency reported on Saturday. This center is a great start, and other initiatives like this are needed to shape Saudi Arabia’s future.

Unveiling Saudi Women’s Abilities: Driving Gender Equality

Saudi Arabia’s first space mission is scheduled to launch on May 21, with Saudi Arabia’s first ever astronauts Rayyanah Barnawi, the first Arab Muslim female astronaut, and Ali al-Qarni on board. Rayyanah is the latest in series of Saudi development process for women. In recent years, Saudi women have been making great strides in the country’s workforce.

Smartphone Craze: Socializing Takes Back Seat

This cartoon in Saudi daily alyuam newspaper, illustrates that now in society, no one is willing to let go of their IPhone, no matter the occasion. It is a sad and concerning phenomenon where people seem to forget the ones next to them, and instead of warm...

Facets of Saudi Arabia

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