SAUDITIMES aims to give its readers an authentic picture of Saudis and life in Saudi Arabia.

From my personal experience as a Saudi and professional, I understood certain cliches and misconceptions that manifested themselves about Saudis and the country. Therefore, I created this blog to remove the misconceptions and provide my readers with an honest and accurate image of Saudi Arabia and its people.

I do not just report on circumstances, but give an in-depth look into the challenges facing Saudi society. It will be a journey that depicts Saudi society in detail and sheds light on the background of Saudi Arabia that remains unknown.

My writings will take you on a journey that portrays a true reflection of Saudi society. The ongoing and planned economic development is nudging the country into a different era, experiencing a transformation process that affects all aspects of Saudi life.

It would make me very happy if, after reading my blog, you will have gained a clearer perspective of Saudi Arabia.


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