On Saudi Women Ability to travel with BBC Radio

Clock Icon Aug 25, 2019

This month, I had the opportunity to participate in an interview with BBC Arabic Radio. The interview was featured on the program “Alkhalij Haza AlIsbugh” (The Gulf This Week) and was conducted by Dr. Suheil Aranki. During our discussion, we delved into the topic of the newly acquired freedom for Saudi women to travel independently. We explored whether Saudi society is prepared for this significant change and whether it is ready to embrace this newfound freedom for women.

Our conversation was particularly timely, as it followed a controversial sermon delivered by a Saudi man on Eid Al Adha. In his sermon, he criticized the Saudi government for its progressive stance towards women and expressed concerns about the potential negative impacts of these developments on Saudi women. He warned of the challenges and dangers that could arise from this newfound freedom.

During the interview, we examined various perspectives on this issue. We discussed the implications of allowing women to travel without a male guardian and the potential societal shifts that might follow. The conversation also touched on the broader context of women's rights in Saudi Arabia and the ongoing efforts to promote gender equality in the kingdom.

Overall, the interview aimed to shed light on the complexities surrounding this topic and to provide a platform for discussing the readiness of Saudi society to support and accept the expanding rights and freedoms of women.


In a recent interview with BBC Arabic Radio, featured on the program "Alkhalij Haza AlIsbugh" (The Gulf This Week) with Dr. Suheil Aranki, we explored the newly acquired freedom for Saudi women to travel independently. This timely discussion followed a controversial sermon on Eid Al Adha, where a Saudi man criticized the government’s progressive stance towards women, highlighting the societal readiness and potential challenges associated with these developments.

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