At first, I could not grasp the depression that overcame me with the gradual lockdown. I tried to reason with myself, but still continued feeling trapped. Like many other cities in the world, Dubai went into lockdown. The closure happened gradually, making it easier...

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The Truth Behind Saudi Arrests

Saudi Arrests: Monday marked the first month since the Saudi arrests of princes. Along with many corrupt politicians and businessmen in Saudi Arabia. These Saudi arrests shook the whole world. At first, Saudi citizens did not know how to comprehend and react to these...

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Saudi Corruption Coming to an End

Saudi Corruption: On Saturday 3rd November, guests at the Ritz Carlton in Riyadh received an urgent notice to vacate the hotel by 11 PM. The notice went on to state … “unfortunately, we will not be able to grant an extension request due to high-security procedures...

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Saudi Arabia and Women Rights

Poor women’s rights are associated with Saudi Arabia. It remains a big question mark how the government will create a change – despite its so many tiny efforts. If you were a Saudi woman, like me, I am not sure how you would feel about all the recent talk about more...

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Saudi Arabia Defends Women’s Rights

Saudi Arabia has been voted onto the UN women’s rights commission last week. On the same day, Majlis Al Shoura members rejected a proposal to establish sports colleges for women 76:73. No, this is not a joke, seriously. Along with other 48 countries Saudi Arabia will...

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