From New Saudi Arabia to New Pakistan

My colleague blogger and fellow journalist Sabena Saddiqi wrote this post exclusively for Saudi Times on the occasion of the visit of Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman to Pakistan this week. She comments and analyses the visit from a Pakistani perspective. --- Arriving...

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Saudi Arabia and Women Rights

Poor women’s rights are associated with Saudi Arabia. It remains a big question mark how the government will create a change – despite its so many tiny efforts. If you were a Saudi woman, like me, I am not sure how you would feel about all the recent talk about more...

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Saudi Arabia Defends Women’s Rights

Saudi Arabia has been voted onto the UN women’s rights commission last week. On the same day, Majlis Al Shoura members rejected a proposal to establish sports colleges for women 76:73. No, this is not a joke, seriously. Along with other 48 countries Saudi Arabia will...

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Running A Way With A Reason

Saudi Arabia has the image – rightly so – suppressing women. Last week a Saudi woman Dina, in a bold act, was caught back home by her family on her flight to seek freedom in Australia and rose outrage. Was this the only solution to seek freedom? Dina Ali Saloom’s case...

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Reduction of Taxes on Income from Oil

Aramco: Tax reduction was one of three solutions to make the Armco IPO worth $2 trillion After months of speculation on the Saudi Aramco IPO – which is planned for next year– the Saudi government took on Monday a serious step towards making the transaction possible. A...

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Only in Saudi

Saudi Women: Creating a girls’ council in one of the most conservative regions in Saudi is a great step and much needed. Yet there were no women seen on stage at the launch, adding more to the contradictions in people’s mind. Through Vision 2030, the Saudi Arabian...

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China and the Tough Choices

King Salman’s tour of Asia (specially China) is significant. Not only in its size (1,500 people, among them 25 princes and ten ministers), but, more importantly, in the messages which Saudi Arabia wants to convey to its Asian friends and partners. The majority of...

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Saudi Oil Giant Aramco: To List or not to List

Last week Okaz, a semi-official newspaper, said that Saudi Aramco is considering offering shares to Saudi citizens. Sources ‘familiar with the matter’ say that Saudi Aramco internally has discussed on how to do the IPO structure so that Saudi retail investors can get...

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