Jeddah Autism Center – 10 Years Later

JAC (Jeddah Autism Center) celebrated its 25 years anniversary on April, 2nd 2019. At that time there was little awareness and acceptance of autism in society. Today, it is a different picture.   In 2009 I visited the JAC at its first location. The center was located...

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From New Saudi Arabia to New Pakistan

My colleague blogger and fellow journalist Sabena Saddiqi wrote this post exclusively for Saudi Times on the occasion of the visit of Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman to Pakistan this week. She comments and analyses the visit from a Pakistani perspective. --- Arriving...

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Visiting Saudi Arabia: Tourist Visa

On many fronts, Saudi Arabia could be described as one of the most interesting places in the world. With a young visionary transforming the country, and 70% of the people below the age of 30, many from around the world find themselves intrigued to pay this country a...

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Saudi decrees stun the nation!

  The many royal Saudi decrees announced last week made some wonder if this is still Saudi Arabia. The latest is that the Kingdom is to host the first Arab Fashion Week in Riyadh this month. All announcements reflect the government’s efforts to reach economic...

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Saudi Women Driving The Economy Now

The ban on Saudi women driving has tormented the ladies for decades. The ban on female driving has become a cliché for the Kingdom, along with oil, camels, and deserts. The Royal Decree (link: issued on 25th September 2017 lifted the ban on...

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Developing The Saudi Austerity Plan!

The Saudi austerity plan is well underway. On January 1st, 2018, Saudi Arabia and the UAE introduced 5% VAT on services and goods. Five percent is not a big amount, but energy, water, and electricity prices went up because subsidies were cut. Saudi Arabia has been...

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The Makkah deal and its impact on Saudi society!

Understanding the Saudi society requires a lot of patience and research. The society is weaved with intricate patterns of religion, culture, rules and a desire to break free. On the last day of this year’s Dubai Film Festival, I watched the documentary “The Poetess”....

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The Truth Behind Saudi Arrests

Saudi Arrests: Monday marked the first month since the Saudi arrests of princes. Along with many corrupt politicians and businessmen in Saudi Arabia. These Saudi arrests shook the whole world. At first, Saudi citizens did not know how to comprehend and react to these...

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