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Saudi Women Driving The Economy Now

The ban on Saudi women driving has tormented the ladies for decades. The ban on female driving has become a cliché for the Kingdom, along with oil, camels, and deserts. The Royal Decree (link: https://nyti.ms/2yqK5k4) issued on 25th September 2017 lifted the ban on...

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Developing The Saudi Austerity Plan!

The Saudi austerity plan is well underway. On January 1st, 2018, Saudi Arabia and the UAE introduced 5% VAT on services and goods. Five percent is not a big amount, but energy, water, and electricity prices went up because subsidies were cut. Saudi Arabia has been...

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About Saudi Times

This blog gives insights on challenges Saudi society faces, reflecting the people’s mindset. It attempts to close gaps of understanding.


Trump’s Ladies Visit: What to Talk About?

Trump two-day visit to Saudi Arabia was an event that carried a lot of question marks with it – Trump’s performance on his first foreign trip – Russian affairs (and others) haunting him at home – his low ratings and many more. The one issue none expected were Melania...

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