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Jeddah Autism Center – 10 Years Later

JAC (Jeddah Autism Center) celebrated its 25 years anniversary on April, 2nd 2019. At that time there was little awareness and acceptance of autism in society. Today, it is a different picture.   In 2009 I visited the JAC at its first location. The center was located...

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Al Asouf in its 2nd season

Ramadan is a holy month in which Muslims fast, worship and pray from sunrise until sunset, an exhausting duty. The release comes after sunset with eating and relaxing from the tiredness of fasting. Some sleep, others like to watch series on television. Series have...

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From New Saudi Arabia to New Pakistan

My colleague blogger and fellow journalist Sabena Saddiqi wrote this post exclusively for Saudi Times on the occasion of the visit of Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman to Pakistan this week. She comments and analyses the visit from a Pakistani perspective. --- Arriving...

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About Saudi Times

This blog gives insights on challenges Saudi society faces, reflecting the people’s mindset. It attempts to close gaps of understanding.