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Visiting Saudi Arabia: Tourist Visa

On many fronts, Saudi Arabia could be described as one of the most interesting places in the world. With a young visionary transforming the country, and 70% of the people below the age of 30, many from around the world find themselves intrigued to pay this country a...

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Saudi decrees stun the nation!

  The many royal Saudi decrees announced last week made some wonder if this is still Saudi Arabia. The latest is that the Kingdom is to host the first Arab Fashion Week in Riyadh this month. All announcements reflect the government’s efforts to reach economic...

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About Saudi Times

This blog gives insights on challenges Saudi society faces, reflecting the people’s mindset. It attempts to close gaps of understanding.


Interview mit mir auf Deutsche Welle

Hier ist ein Interview mit mir auf Deutsche Welle www.dw.com erschienen über Kino, Veränderung und deren Bedeutung in Saudi Arabien. http://www.dw.com/de/bloggerin-dahlia-rahaimy-ich-schreibe-was-gesagt-werden-muss/a-43444069

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