BBC Interview with the Daily Noon News Show – Dahlia Rahaimy

This is an interview I had with BBC Arabic Radio this month, on the daily noon news show. It was one day after the Saudi government had lifted travel restrictions for Saudi women. A number of new civil laws and regulations in favor of women were released on 6th...

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Interview with dbate (10.04.2018)

As an eyewitness on current developments happening in Saudi Arabia, I discussed the status of women in Saudi Arabia and necessary reforms, contrary to the wrong images and impressions given on Saudi women and their live-in international media. Link for interview:...

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Interview mit mir auf Deutsche Welle

Interview mit mir auf Deutsche Welle

Hier ist ein Interview mit mir auf Deutsche Welle erschienen über Kino, Veränderung und deren Bedeutung in Saudi Arabien. At the begin of reform process in Saudi Arabia, Deutsche Welle Kulturwas interested in understanding more on these reforms. I spoke...

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