Why the festival season might turn out to be an expensive pleasure?

At least, this applies to those who find it difficult to choose between the many highlights. One would think this a great entertainment opportunity for those who opt to stay in Saudi over summer. But in fact, the summer season might turn out to be a costly affair. “I...

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Al Asouf in its 2nd season

Ramadan is a holy month in which Muslims fast, worship and pray from sunrise until sunset, an exhausting duty. The release comes after sunset with eating and relaxing from the tiredness of fasting. Some sleep, others like to watch series on television. Series have...

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Ramadan Starting in Saudi Arabia

The start of Ramadan is usually a big guess in Saudi Arabia. According to Sharia, the Islamic law, a crescent of the new moon that signals the beginning of a month must be spotted. Nowadays, this is done by technology at the General Authority of Metrology and...

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Dakar Rally is moving to Saudi Arabia

Tafies is very famous in Saudi Arabia. Last week the organizers announced that they are changing its route which was for 30 years in North Africa, and in the past decade in South America, to the Middle East. https://adventuremotorcycle.com/news/dakar-saudiarabia-2020...

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