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I am Dahlia Rahaimy, a Saudi born in Vienna, Austria. After spending my first 3 years in Austria, I moved to Germany with my family. At the age of 12, with a Western upbringing and attitude to life, I returned to Saudi Arabia. In my hometown Jeddah, I finished high school and got a bachelor’s degree in English Literature and Linguistics from King Abdulaziz University. Further on, I did postgraduate studies in Applied Linguistics at Trinity College, Dublin.

My career began in the 90s. From 1994 to 2001 I worked as a journalist, reporter, and editor at Arab News, the first and most widely circulated Saudi Arabia’s English newspaper. I also wrote for its sister publications: Alsharq-Alawsat and Alriyadiah.  In addition, I contributed to German publications on sport and social issues, such as Kickers and Tageszeitung.  In 2001, I started working for the Saudi General Investment Authority (SAGIA, today’s Ministry of Investment), first as a press advisor, then as Country Director in Germany (2006 to 2012).

I am married with a daughter and a son. Growing up in two extremely different societies and being equally at home in both, I developed the strength and ability to communicate and translate both side’s perceptions. It became my DNA, making me proud to be bearing the flags of two different cultures.

Most importantly, my background gave me the chance and ability to build bridges to a better understanding of the cultural discrepancies which I have constantly been facing. The challenges I faced in both my personal and professional life made it clear to me the importance and need of understanding and overcoming misconceptions. I want to create a real change by portraying my country away from the mainstream media, following truth and reality.