About Saudi Times


Saudi Times aims at giving a real and authentic picture of Saudis and life in Saudi Arabia, through in-depth insights on challenges facing Saudi society, reflecting on people’s mindset. From my personal and work experience, I came closer to understanding cliches and wrong pictures that exist in Saudi Arabia and Saudis. I aim to change these misconceptions and guide my readers through my writings on Saudi Times to a more realistic picture.

While Saudis are more and more interacting in various means and ways with the outside world, and despite the wide media coverage, an unclear picture remains about who Saudis are, accompanied by a wide range of clichés and “stereotypes”.

Today, the ongoing and planned economic development is taking the country into a different era. This experience is a transformation process that affects all spheres of Saudis’ lives: politics, economy, and society that have shifted the country into a different avenue.

I shall be doing my best to discuss all these issues with clarity and objectivity on my blog. Whether through my reports, interviews, or different face representations, l hope to deliver the background and insights on Saudis’ everyday life that remain unknown and often seem misinterpreted.

Hopefully, reading my blog will help readers to build bridges of understanding.