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Jul 2, 2022

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The Music Ecosystem and XP Music MDL Beast are relatively new to the Saudi music scene. They present a type of music and culture that is for youth and expression, making it an ideal candidate for success in today’s Saudi Arabia. Young Saudis, who are enthusiastic and energetic are looking into all possible ways, means and forms to explore and express themselves. One way is art. And art wether it is music, theatre, cinema, etc is important for cultural development all are equally important to enhance social and human development.
In the boom of Saudi art industry, many are types had some kind of history or roots in Saudi Arabia that help newcomers to build on for progression and can provide guidelines.
This type of music industry is brand new and has to be build up from scratch. It is about finding everything in full and building up for success. It is a chance and is a challenge as well. The biggest challenge is that it is a new type of music that needs to be fitted into the taste, interest and acceptance of Saudi audience. To shape it and take it around the world. Saudis love music and are used to the more traditional rhythms. This type of music reflects the hype nerve of time not only in rhythm but also in its words that carries thoughts, perspectives and views of millions of young Saudis.
This is very important as it can be a messenger of Saudi youths ideas feeling and perspective to share with others. It would be beautiful to see Arabic words, thoughts missed into rhythms. Therefore, it is important for Saudi Arabian authorities to back efforts of these young musicians supporting them building up their interests in which they can exercise their talents. Beats can bring cultures and people from round the world together.

Saudi DJ Biirdperson, real name Lujian Albishi, performing as part of XChange Sound in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.



Musicians and industry figures gather for much-needed discussions at XChange Sound.


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