Arab Youth Survey 2020

Arab Youth Survey 2020: Voices for the Future

Nov 23, 20200 comments

Tonight, the Middle East Institute in Washington is holding a webinar on the future of Arab Youth: Voices of the Future.
This survey, in its 12th edition, interviews thousands of young people and tells readers about the feelings, mentality, ambitions, dreams and hopes of Arab youth. It is conducted by the PR consultancy ASDA BCW in Dubai.

SaudiTimes reported on this year’s results:

Myself, I did not understand the use or benefit of this survey until I made interview in 2014 with the then ASDA’s COO, Bashar Alkadhi. He explained that think tanks, HR consultancies and other companies require such information to help them in terms of planning, analyzing data and general strategies.

Looking at the Arab world, a lot changed in the last decade. Reforms and many other developments have affected societies. Some changes were positive, others were setbacks, but all these experiences together reflect the deepness of the socio-political struggle happening in their countries.
Therefore, not all Arab youth share the same dreams or hopes, due to the different economic and political systems. Similarities can be found in the societal systems that shape the until now conservative Arab societies. So, for instance, priorities, of the youth in the Gulf region (Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, and Qatar) can differ from those in the rest of the MENA region (Egypt, Yemen, Sudan, Syria, North Africa, etc).

For example, in North Africa immigration for economic reasons are a big issue while for Gulf youth more political and social freedom is at the forefront. In Saudi Arabia, the feeling of nationalism has been growing among the citizens, especially youth, with recent reforms taking place.
Such a survey may not be of direct impact or answer every specific topic, but definitely, it provides a useful insight into the part of society that is finding its feet in an unprecedented period of transition.

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