Tweeted by the Arab Youth Survey as they highlight the importance of youth.

12th Arab Youth Survey 2020

Oct 13, 20200 comments

This month ASDA’A BCW, a public relations consultancy, presented its 12th Arab Youth Survey.

The annual survey is an independent study on Arab youth in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) and their opinions on a range of subjects. Conducted by interviewing randomly chosen candidates. The survey gives evidence-based insights into the hopes, aspirations and attitudes of Arab youth.

Tweeted by the Arab Youth Survey as they highlight the importance of youth.

Tweeted by the Arab Youth Survey signifying the importance of this survey.

This year’s survey’s major finding is the fear of the effect of the pandemic. Like elsewhere in the world, the COVID-

19 pandemic has further increased young Arabs’ fears on their future, resulting in raising their desire to emigrate outside the MENA region for better life and work opportunities.

The survey started in 2012 interviewing about 1,000 Arab nationals from 7 countries. This year interviews included about 4,000 aged between 18-24 years with a 50:50 females-males split from 17 Arab states.

On the usefulness of such a survey, Donna Imperato, global CEO of BCW (mother company of ASDA), said in an interview with Gulf News that the findings of the survey help to “form a basis of communication counsel that we provide to our clients, including governments, civil societies, organizations.”

I found in the link below a good overall analysis on the 12th Arab Youth Survey that covers almost every aspect concerning Arab youth this year.