Impact of Climate Change

Is Climate a Concern for GCC?

Oct 12, 20200 comments

If you are wondering – as I do sometimes – about the impact of climate change on the economies of the 6 Gulf Cooperation Countries (GCC) and whether or not it is/will result in change their political and economic policies to a greener future, watch this video and/or read the King Faisal Center for Research and Islamic Studies, Riyadh, a weekly report on the regional and global impact of the COVID-19 outbreak below.

The speaker and author, Dr. Aisha AlSarihi, is a Saudi female expert and lecturer on energy and climate at Arab Gulf States Institute (AGISW), Washington. She gives in-depth answers to the major concerns of GCC governments related to the impact of climate change in the desert.

In addition, she highlights strategies adopted by these oil-dependent economies to adjust to climate changes and develop into competitive economies.

Awareness of climate change in Saudi Arabia is beginning slowly. The ongoing discussion and planning for an economy away from oil and hydrocarbons by the government is forcing a lot of people to understand the risk of climate change. In addition, the government has imposed strict regulations to avoid energy waste. Yet a lot of people still don’t get it and complain about prices for petrol and electricity.