At Last Saudi Women Are Free to Travel

Aug 4, 20190 comments

Passport for Saudi Women: The Saudi Arabian government announced this week on many different sites; AlArabiya TV news, “Akhbar AlSaudia“ portal, online newspaper “Sabq” and others that it has changed its laws and regulations to allow women to obtain passport without the permission of their guardian. Immediately after it announced that, it added that women over 21 years can travel without a guardian and most importantly, without his permission. This is overwhelming news.

Since almost a decade, there are offices in Saudi Arabia for women to obtain their passport. However, in reality, they were a facade pretending implementation of a law, announced by the late King Abdullah, that was nonactive.

For many years, driving a car was the biggest dream for many Saudi women. A clear demand for freedom and independence but one that shifted their focus from the real understanding of freedom and independence.

Saudi women passport Saudi women passport

Being able to obtain a passport signals freedom of responsibility, choice, ability to do and independence.
The right to travel was a long-disputed issue; it signifies independence and freedom.

Personally, I am very happy. These change put our responsibility in our hands, giving us back our right to decide for ourselves. And the fact that we can do well for us has been proven through our accomplishments over history.
We are almost independent. This feels great.


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