My First Visit to a Football Match in Jeddah

May 2, 20190 comments

Al-Ittihad is my football team from Jeddah. I grew up in a family that sees the world through yellow and black (our team’s colors). It’s called “Dean of Saudi Football” because it is the oldest club, having been founded in the 1920s. The history of Al-Ittihad is filled with trophies and wins. Today, they are playing against AlTawaoun from Tabouk in the final game for the Crown Prince’s Cup. It’s a particularly important game because Al-Ittihad faced difficult financial times in the last two years, resulting in the team being in 13th place out of 16 in the Saudi Football League. Energy and enthusiasm were low as the team was facing the Second league.

Despite all challenges and obstacles, Al-Ittihad has managed to make it to the finals tonight. Our logo is the tiger, standing for a strong will; that we have proven to have.

Recently we Al-Ittihad fans have been declared the best fans in Saudi Arabia. We stand behind our team always and forever. Al-Ittihad’s players, administration and fans are ready for the challenge tonight. We know we can win the cup and we will!

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