Guardianship in Saudi Arabia

Mar 8, 20190 comments

This week, I came across this balanced and informative article, which explains the aspect of guardianship and women’s rights in Saudi Arabia. This topic has been widely discussed in international media, creating a stigma for Saudi society, due to a lack of complete information. 

This article gives the whole picture from all angels for the reader to understand the reality of the situation facing Saudi women. 

Read the blog here:

The author of the article is Prof. Khawla S. Al-Kuraya, a Saudi physician and cancer specialist. She is a professor of pathology and directs the King Fahad National Center for Children’s Cancer and Research.

Al-Kuraya was born in the city of Al Jouf in northern Saudi Arabia. She did her undergraduate studies at King Saud University and then completed her residency in clinical pathology at Georgetown University Hospital, Washington D.C.