Heela Alfaraj: A Female Football Commentator

Feb 28, 20190 comments

Heela Alfaraj is the first female voice to comment on female football games in Saudi Arabia. She will start her job at the beginning of next month, commenting on the First Female Six-Day Football Clubs Championship taking place in Damamm in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia. The tournament will host 200 female players representing 16 teams from Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Kuwait, Oman, and Bahrain. Saudi female football has been active since 2006, but this is the first competition of its kind. The aim of this tournament is to support female sports in the region.

The organizing committee gave Hela the opportunity after realizing her talent and knowledge of football through her radio TV “Wein Raih” on which she hosts & introduces Arab personalities from the world of art. Colleague to be, Abdulrahman Al Durgaihly, said that she is “a person with fine talent to comment on a game.”

Heela comes from a family that is active in football, which gave her a solid background of the sport. Her brother Nasser is one of the most famous football commentators on Saudi TV. According to her, her knowledge comes from watching football with her family – who support rivaling football teams – and discussing games. It as by pure luck, she says, that she was chosen for this task, and she hopes to be commenting on the Saudi football league soon.

She has a degree in sociology, four years’ experience of voice training, and has obtained certificates in social media training.

For further reading (Arabic): https://arabic.sputniknews.com/mosaic/201902271039370668-هيلة-الفراج-أول-معلقة-سعودية/