Maan Al Sanea Arrested: Saudi Controversial Businessman Brought to Justice

Oct 19, 20175 comments

Maan Al Sanea arrested finally. Yesterday in the early evening, Maan Al Sanea was arrested by Saudi security forces. The security forces arrested the well-known businessman, who had been evading justice and the enforcement of judicial decisions against him for a long time.

The judge ordered imprisonment and arrest of Al Sanea in respect of claims for large sums of money. The suspect was arrested after searching his home in the morning. He could not be found immediately. Therefore, a more thorough search was made of his house and the surrounding area. Security forces’ search took a long time and effort due to the large area. Eventually, the fugitive was found at the Aharash complex in Al Khobar. In the abandoned staff rooms on top of a building.

An official source said that many enforceable judgments have been issued against Al Sanea, which were referred to the enforcement judge in Al Khobar, who ordered the execution of the judgments. Subsequently, an arrest warrant was issued and brought to the judge after the police had completed its regular procedures. Thereafter, official permission was obtained from the public prosecutor’s office to enter Maan Al Sanea’s residence in order to arrest him.

The source also pointed out that the security forces have arrested a senior official in the Eastern Province and referred him to the investigators. It is alleged that the official was in contact with Maan Al Sanea. He also used his powers to delay the enforcement of the judgments and disrupted legal proceedings against him. The move comes as part of a series of Saudi arrests of elite fraudsters by the government. Punishing crime and setting up examples of transparency is part of making Saudi Vision 2030 a reality.

Who is Maan Al Sanea?

Maan Al Sanea was once considered one of the richest men in the Arab World, with an estimated net worth of close to $10 billion. In 2009 it turned out that his financial empire was a house of cards. His debts vastly exceeded his assets. A Royal Order issued in 2009, froze his assets and those of the Algosaibi family. His business partners with whom he is related by marriage. Since then, he has not been allowed to leave Saudi Arabia. Many lawsuits were brought against him in Saudi Arabia and abroad. Mostly by banks that lent money. Since 2016, a special enforcement circuit at the general court in Al Khobar has been collecting information about assets. Ascertaining whether it is possible to confirm the debts of Maan Al Saneea and Algosaibis and to use their assets to satisfy the debts.

However, people are wondering about the hordes of money that got Maan Al Sanea arrested. Obtained by Maan Al Sanea from banks in Saudi Arabia and abroad, in particular, people wonder whether he is hiding assets from his creditors.