Happenings around Saudi Arabia (November 2020)

Nov 16, 20200 comments

Snow in Saudi Arabia

Princess Roses

Strong conquers almost everything; #AmalAlhakmy runs her flower shop in a tiny village near Jizan. Her start was a fridge & few flowers which turned into Princess Roses after overcoming hurdles to got govt support. Now all she needs is marketing her shop!




Need help in moving?

#Saudis have been exchanging jokes on social media about #Trump‘s unwillingness to accept his defeat. This is an offer from a one-man show plying his trade in #Jeddah. These guys are part of the scenery and every door is plastered with their stick-on ads.

The Misconception

Many people on social media still seem to believe most Saudis support #radical Islam as there has been no condemnation heard by them. Saudis condemn the attacks #France #Vienna. No moderate Muslim agrees on such barbaric actions.