Saudi women running in Jeddah.

Women Running for Run

May 26, 20190 comments

Running and walking started to become trendy in Jeddah two decades ago. Men and women alike began walking in pedestrian areas as one of the few exercise facilities available at the time. Anyone familiar with Saudi Arabia, especially Jeddah, knows that the infrastructure was very poor, making it uncomfortable for people to walk. At the time, it was a bold step for a woman to go out and exercise, but that did not hinder many to start. Eventually, it turned into a trend.

With time, the municipality improved infrastructure, creating designated walking areas in the north of Jeddah at the seafront of the Corniche with beautiful scenery. In other places around town, infrastructure was also brought to conventional standards.

With the latest developments, the Corniche was developed, made beautiful and user-friendly for practicing many sports, such as cycling, running, skating, etc.

In addition to outdoor activities, Jeddah women picked up on many of their indoor sports interests as well. A wide range of indoor sports is available to the public in all price ranges.

There was a time when there were only a few exclusive gyms in Jeddah for exercising. In 2002, they were shut down for unconvincing religious reasons.

Walking or running outside in the fresh air remains most popular. Just remember to avoid the humidity in Jeddah. It is a killer.

The article below is the outcome of patience and consistency in not giving up on long not available activities for Saudi women.


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